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Welcome to the new Movie Quote Contest!

Have fun! There may still be some bugs in the system, so let me know if you run into any.
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RULES: Just guess the movie that a quote came from. If you are right, and are logged in with a valid account, you get to enter the quote that replaces it! Please enter in a quote from a movie following the theme of the category and please try to maintain some tact.

NOTE: Except for capitalization, punctuation and spacing, your answer must match exactly word for word to be correct. If you enter an answer you know is correct and it doesn't take it, try a couple of variations of spelling. If all else fails, send me some e-mail.

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Action and Adventure Classics Comedy
Drama Horror Foreign Films
Sci-Fi Westerns and War Movies Open

Notes from Matt:


Spelling lesson for the day. Here are your words:

vengeance (not vengence)
reservoir (not resevoir)
liaisons (not liasons)
apocalypse (not apocolypse)
cemetery (not cematary, cemetary, sematary, or semetary unless it's "Pet Sematary")


Roman numerals and cardinal numerals match. So, if the movie is "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", and you type "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan", it will count as a correct guess.


Please try to stick to the subject of each category. In particular, a Classic should probably be at least 20 years old or so.


If a quote is screwed up, just email the admins. (
Don't whine about it on the incorrect guesses page. We are usually very quick about fixing things.

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